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CWRA South Hatch Stables - Planning Application 18/00308/FUL

The CWRA committee wishes to clarify the basis on which its full support was given to this application generating significant concern to a number of residents.

CWRA has long recognised the urgent need to support both Epsom’s horse racing heritage and the unique amenity of the Downs.

CWRA remains steadfast in its desire to prevent any encroachment by stealth on the Borough’s green belt land.

In light of new information obtained, following further investigation and consultation, CWRA’s position has had to change from full support to an objection primarily based on the proposed development using green belt land via what appears to be a back door development by a property development company.

Amongst other information considered by CWRA is the report from the consultants Adkins, which is unequivocal in its recommendation that the application’s site should be preserved as green belt and “there is no potential for its release” for building land at this stage.

Since our initial view and support, additional information has come to light which required CWRA to reconsider its position and to change from supporting the application to objecting to it.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to the local residents who attended a meeting with the CWRA committee on 13 August 2018 thereby enabling CWRA’s committee to clarify its position in respect of the application.

If residents wish to understand how we arrived at this decision, please contact us on